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Sunday, 28 September 2014

About Relationship Goals.

I don’t really write about love in here, but this is one thing I’ve always wanted to talk about publicly. 

Let me reveal something to you: I stopped following certain Twitter accounts not only they annoyed me so much but for the fact they put the statement “relationship goals” in every friggin’ photo ever regardless of its irrelevance to the context. For example, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher eating a donut is what some others consider as a standard of an ideal relationship nowadays.

Yes, you’ve read it right. A DONUT. 

We should not get too obsessed with trying to formulate the perfect relationship by setting unrealistic expectations that when not met we become ultimately disappointed. Being successful together, staying as a couple through thick and thin, and being happy in each other’s company? These are the REAL relationship goals, not those awfully cheesy text messages or couple shirts or letting your partner buy all of your luxuries. True love doesn’t work like that.  Movies are movies, books are books - do not get disheartened when you don’t end up with someone who is an exact replica of Augustus Waters or Jack Dawson because each person has its imperfections but that’s what makes them special in their own way. Can you imagine a world filled entirely with Jennifer Aniston or Ryan Gosling clones if we were to grant everyone’s ideal standards of the perfect partner? It may look appealing at first, but the more you think of it the more eerie it gets. There is no variation in the human population when every guy is a Gosling and every girl is an Aniston doppleganger. 

The point is, don’t let your standards of an ideal relationship be defined by the couples portrayed in the media alone. A perfect relationship does not exist without goofing around with each other one minute then have a petty spat the next. Don’t depend your life or your happiness solely on your desire to have the perfect partner. Keep an optimistic outlook, work your way to success, and good things will come to you and your relationship. 

If I were committed to such at present, I would still share the same thoughts. 

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

I am more excited for the Penguins this upcoming season more than last year. The bottom six improved. There is a new general manager and a set of coaches. The new third jersey rocks my socks. I am hopeful for a deep playoff run this season then end with the team winning the Stanley Cup to silence all those who underestimated them only because they didn’t sign any big names during the free agency. A friendly reminder to all those whiners that it takes four lines and good coaching to win the Cup, not two or three superstars. Also, I wish for good health for all players. 

I hope I would get to watch their games via livestream more often since in the next few months I’d be stacked with thesis, practicum, and electives. Anyways I’m optimistic that this season the Penguins will prove everyone that they are a far stronger team than ever. 

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—Chester Bennington (via wordsthat-speak)

(via wordsthat-speak)


Thursday, 11 September 2014

Second To The Last

Two weeks ago, I was vixated with the possible outcome of my grades for my final first term in college. Save for WRIFILM (my favorite subject at the time), my hair turned gray from panicking about NARATIV and TELVPRO because those were two of the most challenging subjects I’ve ever encountered. 

Two weeks ago, my dream of graduating with honors was in mere jeopardy. If my GPA went below 2.667, I had no choice but kiss it goodbye and settle for something else. It wasn’t enough for me, however, because all I wanted was to prove to everyone I could be a baton of excellence and not someone who rode on the coattails of people who reached the top through their utmost efforts. 

Two weeks ago, sleep became a casualty rather than a necessity. As much as I wanted eight hours in Dreamland daily, it was almost impossible to do so because I spent my free time conceptualizing my narrative pamphlet and brainstorming witty dialogues in what could be the next standard bearer of Philippine cinema. 

And then this happened; there is no doubt this is one of the biggest surprises I’ve ever had. 


After two terms of frustration, I hit the 3.000 GPA again!!! \:D/

This makes up for the third term earlier in the year when I came close only to get a so-so grade in RADIPRO of all subjects. Nevertheless, I was able to recover from my disappointment, and it was a breeze to get back on track once again! 

Note: I don’t have any floating subjects anymore since I took them before I shifted plus my majors are only offered once a year :) 

My penultimate term started last Monday, and I hereby present my schedule: 


The first two days of second term did not make me yawn even a single second. Our PRODUCE class made us get to know more about the world’s most prolific media moguls and producers. Learning that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas traded ideas for their respective blockbusters (Spielberg’s E.T. was Lucas’ idea, Lucas’ Star Wars was Spielberg’s) left us speechless. As if it was astonishing enough, we were blown away with Jerry Bruckheimer and his works. Before that class, I was not aware he produced Confessions of A Shopaholic! We wrapped up our discussion by watching a short documentary on Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing) and the pilot episode of his series The Newsroom. Sorkin is known for his lengthy, poetic lines which was a notable observation as we were watching the episode. Try watching YouTube clips of Sorkin’s other works such as A Few Good Men and The West Wing in your spare time and see if you catch the pattern in his writing style. 

A light-hearted moment in PRODUCE was us seeing Miss Mamawal react every time a photo of Nicholas Cage popped out in the Jerry Bruckheimer slideshow to pertain the producer’s fascination for the Con-Air star. Haha!

Meanwhile in MSMEDIA, we watched Sir Doy’s documentary on poverty in Manila with some parts showing a young girl reading magazines and newspapers profiling the lifestyle of the wealthy. Upon viewing it, he discussed to us on how morning shows often invites a chef to cook breakfast to be feasted by the hosts thereafter. Sir Doy and I shared the same sentiments all along: media sets the spotlight on nothing else other than glamour when real life is an exact juxtaposition of that.  

I’ve been a production intern for Dr. Tullao’s lecture series since Monday and will remain so until the end of the term. Glad I have something productive to do on Monday and Wednesday afternoons besides academics and org work. Another good thing about my current venture is that it exposes me to the world of work after graduation. 

Before I end this post, I’d like to thank my orgmates from Green & White for an unforgettable teambuilding last weekend at Club Balai Isabel! Gorgeous environment, good food, and fantastic company.